Welcome Letter

Most esteemed participants,

We as the Secretaries General, have great pleasure to welcome you to the First Session of Kartal Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference that will be held from Friday, October 18, to Monday, October 21, 2019 at İstanbul Şehir University Dragos Campus.

We started this journey a few years ago as first-timers and inexperienced delegates that were just trying to understand what ” Model United Nations” were. As the time progressed we participated in many different conferences and gained  experience by merely observing the good and bad features of the other MUN organizations or studying hard to write resolutions so we could improve ourselves  and understand the problems of the world we live in. After a while we grew in numbers as delegates and with that the Kartal Anatolian High School MUN club has been created. When we created our Club we also realized that organizing a MUN conference ,our life-long dream, seemed possible, more than ever. We immediately got to work with eagerness, arranging meetings weekly between our Executive Board Members  to talk about how we could improve our conference , training our delegates and many more activities to make our dream come true. And now, we are more than ready to serve our participants and the people that count on us, while contributing to the sole foundation of the UN by pointing out the problems we face and creating an opportunity for the youth to take action.

Our conference will consist of  3 General Assembly Committees and a  Security Council  Committee, as well as our Special, Fantastic and Joint Crisis Committees that will be carried out with the rules of procedure of HARVARDMUN. While we aim at concentrating on the main grounds of the United Nations in our GA and UNSC Committees, our non-UN Committees are merely there to serve the delegates by offering them fun and informative 4 days.

We are truly honored and proud to be serving you and looking forward to seeing you and your ideas about our world’s problems.


Mehmet Arda Yıldız & Çağdaş Kadıoğlu

Secretary Generals